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Brand  :   Veito

Model  :   MANTA

Type  :   room heater

Number of warranty years  :   2

black   color


Material   :   stainless steel

Waterproofing   :     Yes, IP55

Antivirus  :   Yes

Height in cm  :   100   cm

Width in cm  :   20   cm

Depth in cm  :   20   cm

Heater Price    :      6790


&     telescopic-stand


Stand Price  :     2390





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The Manta carbon infrared heater is engineered as a robust indoor-outdoor heater.

Every component in the Manta heater is optimized for performance.

That includes the veito carbon infrared tube producing mid-wave infrared heat.

The Manta heater has weatherproof design, which means you can use it for patios,

terraces, smoking areas, conservatories, restaurants, hotels, bathrooms,

garages, workshops, factories, warehouse


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